Experiments are like Oxygen
for Innovation and Growth.

Experinator turns teams into Experimentation Machines!
Having the right experimentation tools, training and support marks the difference between leaders and followers. We solve these challenges for our customers.


About Experinator

Expectations are high when we come up with a new idea, a new product or a new feature, new ad campaign, new office, new employee.. After all why would we invest anything if we don't have high expectations? Every one of these new ideas and initiatives is really an experiment, waiting to be proven right, or wrong.

Formatting initiatives in terms of experiments makes them better planned and result in higher ROI and less waste. Yet we go into most experiments unprepared and with little clarity on what to expect, how to measure the results and how to use the lessons, positive or not.

Experinator is like Terminator for experiments!
The un-stoppable tool helping your team experiment better and faster. 

Speed matters: the cadence and quality of your business experiments is directly related to how innovative and competitive your company is.

Why choose Experinator

Manage investments like organized experiments.

Without the right mindset, culture and practice your team will always be playing catch up to what the market forces on it. We work with teams to go from a "project mindset" to an "experiment mindset".

Undisciplined experimentation results in stasis.

Without an experiment management discipline your organization will fall into chaos and you'll be utilizing your valuable resources on the wrong projects.  Experinator is designed to bring disciplined experimentation to teams and organizations.

Lack of transparency kills innovation.

Innovation does not happen in a vaccum, in dies in it.  And innovation is not one person or group's responsibility.  Experinator is designed to bring transparency and communication for all experiments in your organization, with the right management level controls.

Remove obstacles in your growth path!

Delays in information capture, analysis and dissemination of lessons are the major cause of losing ground on innovation to your competition.  Experinator is designed to automate manual processes and remove innovation-killing delays.

Experinator was built at InfiniVentures Labs, a startup studio based in Southern California. 

Experinator laser focuses on making business experiments run faster and more successfully in organizations large and small.

Start your team's journey to master business experiments.