Experiments are like Oxygen
for Innovation and Growth.

Expi turns teams into Experimentation Machines!
Having the right experimentation tools, training and support marks the difference between leaders and followers. We solve these challenges for our customers.


About Expi

Starting from Idea capture and management and all the way thru automated success metric tracking and reportin and lessons learned Expi is designed to make practicing the experimentation in your team easy and painless. 

We even work with team to train and mentor them to build an experimentation mindset and practice.  You are supported every step of the way to be successful.

Expi is Designed to Make Experimentation Fast and Painless. 

Why choose Expi

Transform your teams from the Project mindset to the Experimenation mindset.

Move from "concept" to "practice" with the right tool.


Lack of transparency and communication kills innovation.

Be automatically notified of success or failure of business experiments.

Expi was built at InfiniVentures Labs, a startup studio based in Southern California. 

Expi laser focuses on making business experiments run easier and more successfully in organizations large and small.

Start your team's journey to master business experimentation.