Welcome to Experinator - Terminator for experiments (tm)

Experiments are the Oxygen for innovation and growth and Experinator is your never-stopping tool to help make your business experiments efficient, effective and fast. We believe your product managers should not be spending their precious time and skills tracking data all over the place and contunially perform manual repetitive tasks.  We'll never stop pushing the envelope to do just that!

Our support page has two parts - public and for members.  The public side currently includes a contact form so we can address your specific questions.  We will be adding more information here regularly. public side, For the members we have a different support and education process after you sign up and log in.


All of our external support tickets are currently processed thru the contact form. We will respond to all external tickets in the order they are received.  Response times may vary based on  the backlog but we try to not let them go past 48 hours.